Sushi Kart by Lorenza Bozzoli at London Design Festival 2014

[:en]Colé Sushi Kart exhibit at Mint Shop, founded in 1998, that is a reliable source for high-end home furnishings and accessories that may not be within everyone’s budget, but certainly at the top of any design enthusiast’s wish list. The shop’s cutting-edge inventory—which often includes items seen only on display at Milan Design Week just months before—had no shortage of covetable wares, but we fell hard for a Lorenza Bozzoli’s elegant “Sushi Kart” for the young Italian label Colé, as well as for Edinburgh-based designer Wael Seaiby’s colorful PLAG vessels, which are upcycled from plastic shopping bags (a material called HDPE).[:it]Colé Sushi Kart esposto da Mint Shop, fondato nel 1998, destinazione di culto per mobili e accessori, sicuramente non alla portata di tutti, ma certamente in cima alla wish list di ogni appassionato di design.
La sua selezione di avanguardia include spesso pezzi appena presentati durante Milano Design Week. In questa occasione ci siamo innamorati dell’elegante carrello “Sushi Kart” di Lorenza Bozzoli per il giovane marchio Colé Italian Design Label, cosi come dei vasi del designer Wael Seaiby.

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