Man will be most perfect when trained to the limit of his capacity. Art actually performs such a training by trying to bring about the most far-reaching new contacts between the familiar and the as yet unknown optical, acoustical and other functional phenomena

— Lazlo Moholy-Nagy
Photomontage, detail of Colé OPTO folding screen by Lorenz+Kaz / architectural photo by Matteo Cirenei.

From“Production-Reproduction,” written by Moholy-Nagy and of immense importance for subsequent theories of photography as a form of art, and by extension art in general.Walter Benjamin read it and was highly influenced.

Photogram by Moholy Nagy

The Hungarian artist László Moholy-Nagy is a world-famous figure and embodiment of the utopian spirit of twentieth-century avant-garde. Art, painter, sculptor, photographer, film-maker, designer, typographer, art theoretician, but also an architect of exhibitions, advertising man, stage designer, tireless teacher. As a most versatile artist he had a radically experimental practice.

His photographs, films and photograms were of such significance that they have transformed our thinking about art.