Kazimir screen set Rijks floral coating

Kazimir screen set Rijks floral coating

Set composed by 3 single elements (Type A, Type B and Type C). Each screen It is composed of 2 rounded wooden panels, upholstered and coated with a removable jersey dress with decorative motif with flowers, taken from a Flemish painting of the 17th century . The panels are connected by a semi-oval rusted “corten” steel base, finished with natural wax, and two magnets covered by a brass ring. Available custom made coatings.

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  • Design : Julia Dozsa
  • Size: Type A: H 180 cm; W: 123 cm; Type B: H 150 cm; W: 133 cm; Type C: H 159 cm; W: 116 cm; D: 40 cm; Thickness of panels: 4 cm weight 15 Kg; package in wooden box weight 30 kg; vol. 0,2 cubic mt.
  • Made to order: Shipping within  8 weeks


The shapes of these three screens are freely inspired on the figurative abstract works by the renowned painter Malevich.Dutch designer Julia Dosza, inspired by the famous painter’s belief that the object has meaning when expressed and filled with color, pushed herself even further extending her proposal to other colors and subjects that echo the details of the paintings preserved in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.Symbol and metaphor in the experience of space, with a displacing decor on the surface.