Telo Screen

Telo Screen

A simple and light solid oak wood structure with a round lacquered red base.

Price and Custom finishing on request

Made to order: Lead time 4 weeks

Design: Lorenz+Kaz 2013




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A simple and light solid wood structure acts as a backbone to an object with multiple facets.
Telo offers you the imaginary frame of a window, you decide the scenery to look at. The most intuitive is a screen whose connotations vary depending on the fabric chosen to hang on: from technical raffia inspired by te 50’s to the optical 70’s, from casual denim with a cartoon imagery to folk aesthetics as a colorful matryoshka, from fur for a visual and touch experience to antique precious fabrics and kimonos, even vintage scarfs and dresses as a sweet boudoir.

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Dimensions 40 × 124 × 195 cm