Colé Italia winner for the category Design of the ALTAGAMMA 2020 AWARD – GIOVANI IMPRESE Believing in the Future

The recognition, assigned by the prestigious Altagamma Foundation that brings together companies of the high Italian cultural and creative industry, considered authentic ambassadors of Italian style in the world, confirms the validity of a strategic vision focused on quality and research, which led the company founded by Matteo De Ponti and Laura Macagno Maldonado in 2011 to distinguish themselves on the Italian and international scene for their ability to combine the highest aesthetic and production performances. By giving life to a collection of furniture, objects and accessories that seduce because they arise from the confrontation with tradition, they define themselves in the relationship with the artistic avant-gardes and come to give shape to “houses with a soul”

Sustainability, proximity to territories and innovation are the values ​​that Altagamma recognized in the winners of the sixth edition of the Award, whose partners are Borsa ItalianaELITE and SDA Bocconi. Identifying the best companies – future protagonists of Italian luxury – in the categories: fashion, design, jewelry, food, speed, hotel & wellness and, finally, innovation through the work of a jury of excellence, made up of the Vice Presidents of Altagamma and Silvia Baruffaldi (Auto & Design), Gilda Bojardi (Interni magazine), Alba Cappellieri (Jewellery Museum of Vicenza), Cesare Cunaccia (journalist and teacher), Luca Dini (CEO Italy and Traveler), Barbara Lunghi (Borsa Italiana), Livia Peraldo Matton ( Elle Decor Italia), Nicoletta Polla-Mattiot (How to Spend It – Il Sole 24 Ore), Fernanda Roggero (Il Sole 24 Ore), Maurizio Rossi (H-Farm) and Sara Sozzani Maino (Vogue Italia). And recognizing the value of a “new humanism” to the awarded companies, which is all the more precious if placed in relation to the difficult historical-economic situation we are going through.

“We have known Altagamma for many years, comment Matteo De Ponti and Laura Macagno Maldonado. And the great work of promoting and supporting Made in Italy that the Foundation carries out in the world. Being part of this community flatters us and opens up new perspectives for us. We firmly believe in Made in Italy and in the quality of our work. This recognition confirms that we are on the right path and repays us for the effort that, like many small niche companies, we are doing to emerge in a highly competitive scenario. Our thanks go to our suppliers, to the designers, to the press who have always supported us and to the first customers, who immediately believed in us and with whom we have established a relationship that goes beyond mere work “.” My thoughts, adds Matteo De Ponti, go above all to my mentor Enrico Astori, owner of Driade (a company founded by my family), who passed away just this year, who in many years of business together has taught me to chase and pursue dreams . Today more than ever, we must believe in Italy and in a future for the new generations; so that our children do not want to leave the most beautiful country in the world and find elsewhere what they could have here, if only everything worked as it should “.

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