Colé at Mudec Design Store Milano

The Mudec Design Store is a new world of wonders where the future of design is expressed in the present, through objects and works by artists of international calibre, in thematic exhibitions in continuous rotation and constant hybridization with fashion and art, in all its forms.

Design objects from all over the world, but also limited editions, home accessories, rare publications, special jewels or details simple but unobtainable, self-reproductions, artists such as the Campana brothers, Jaime Hayon, Vanessa Mitrani, Fabio Novembre, Studio Job, Tonya Hawkes, Matteo Cibic, Cleto Munari, as well as some lesser known but equally interesting names.

A corner in constant dialogue with the proposals of the temporary exhibitions of the museum. Theme events.
Inside the Mudec, the Museum of Cultures, the most innovative and international museum in Italy, in the Design district, in Via Tortona 56, Milan.

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