Constantin II – Black Oak Candle Holder

Constantin II – Black Oak Candle Holder


Cross Candle holder in solid oak stained black with a brass ring  for a 22 mm candle. Package in an elegant gift box

Design: Agustina Bottoni

Size: L. 7; D.7 H.22 cm weight 500 g

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Constantin collection owes its name to its inspirer. It is in fact the modern
art of Constantin Brancusi that has guided the designer’s hand to conceive candelabra, bookends, containers and centrepieces in wood, marble and brass. Taking up Brancusi ability to represent the essence of things with a high degree of abstraction, Agustina Bottoni has shaped the candlesticks and bookends thinking of the columns and bases of Brancusi famous sculptures. For the container and centerpiece she has been inspired instead by the works in which almost raw solid wood is contrasted with polished and mirrored metal.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 15 cm