Tapparelle desk and cabinet, setting for a photo shoot in a disused factory in Berlin.

Tapparelle desk, setting for a photo shoot in a disused factory in Berlin

Of course, trying to draw a map of the homes of great writers is worthy of a best cause, and the task is made even more difficult by the fact that the list is constantly evolving… But, if to know a person you look at his home, to understand a writer you must look at the place where his books are born.

Writer Jean Cocteau, artist intervention over sketch

Imaginary collection of intimate shoots, starring sofas, verandas, writing desks, ornaments, objects, that have seen the birth and death of characters, make and undo sentences, chapters, stories.

Besides the bookstores, inevitable in the House of the writer, one discovers passions and hobbies, vices and curiosities, the real daily of those people who, otherwise, are known only through their imagination.

Detail of the desk and craftsmanship of the highest quality

Tapparelle desk, a contemporary house in Milan

The shutters, “tapparelle”, are built specifically for Colé by skilled craftsmen who apply the oak rods on a cotton canvas, as once used.

Worthy of note is the precision required in the choice of wood and manual processing to allow a perfect balance on both sides during sliding.